Against Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Belarus

The Belarus Freedom Forum calls upon the U.S. Government to set consequences for any current or potential plans to deploy Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus. We ask that additional sanctions be considered if Belarus and Russia move forward with the nuclear weapons plan.

Belarus has been a nuclear-free country since 1996, maintaining its commitment to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on non-proliferation in exchange for security assurances by the United States. The American commitment to the sovereignty of Belarus has ensured a peaceful future for the country and strategic balance in the region. Lukashenka and Putin are willing to upset that balance.

The Belarus Freedom Forum finds any possibility of weapons of mass destruction deployment in Belarus to be unacceptable. It goes against the country’s Constitution and existing international treaties and will dramatically escalate the tensions in Europe and worldwide.

With this in mind, we urge the Biden-Harris Administration and the members of the U.S. Congress to reaffirm the unequivocal commitment of the United States to the Budapest Memorandum as one of the last legal instruments preventing nuclear proliferation in Eastern Europe and to ensure tangible consequences for nuclear proliferation in Belarus.