Who we are

  • We are a bipartisan advocacy organization of Belarusian-Americans working to facilitate a democratic breakthrough in Belarus. We envision a strong Belarusian-American community that positively contributes to the fabric of American society and promotes its democratic values in the global arena.

What we do

  • Provide support to the democratic movement in Belarus
  • Create an informational resource about culture, history, and current events in Belarus
  • Offer a platform for discussion of U.S. policy related to Belarus
  • Facilitate constructive dialogue between Belarusian and American societies

Statement on concessions and negotiations with the Lukashenka regime

We call on the Biden-Harris administration not give any concessions to the Lukashenka regime, to find more realistic solutions to mitigate the risk of a looming food crisis, to further expedite all actions in support of Ukraine, and to include representatives of Central and Eastern European diasporas in consultations on the US strategy in the region.

Declare Russian occupation of Belarus and derecognize the Lukashenka regime as the legitimate governing body of Belarus

We call on the Biden-Harris administration and the U.S. Congress to: declare and recognize the Republic of Belarus is illegally occupied by Russia and demand the complete withdrawal of the Russian troops from Belarus; declare and recognize Lukashenka and the current government of Belarus to be a puppet government controlled by Russia and lacking any legitimacy both nationally and internationally; advocate for international derecognition of Lukashenka and his government as the legitimate governing body of Belarus; denounce and refuse to recognize any international treaties or agreements Lukashenka and his government will attempt to enter; facilitate the prosecution of Lukashenka as a co-perpetrator of war crimes and acts of terrorism against the Ukrainian people; recognize Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya as the legitimate Head of the Republic of Belarus.
Unnoticed Anschluss of Belarus

Unnoticed Anschluss of Belarus

Despite maintaining the facade of Belarus as an independent state, the quiet takeover of Belarus by Russia has happened. The illegitimate usurper of power, Lukashenka, and the Russian president Putin signed the integration road maps and the military agreement in November 2021. The Russian troops are stationed in Belarus and use Belarusian territory and infrastructure for the missile strikes and on-the-ground invasion of Ukraine. The newly amended constitution includes the provision of a close political, economic, and military union with Russia. As the new constitution takes effect on March 15, Belarus is no longer neutral and may host nuclear weapons.
Russia invades Ukraine with Lukashenka’s help

Russia invades Ukraine with Lukashenka’s help

As Russia leverages help from Belarus to invade Ukraine from three sides, the Ukrainian army, outgunned and outnumbered, keeps up fierce resistance. The West steps up its efforts to contain Russia’s aggression and help Ukraine fight back. Belarus’s regime faces additional punitive measures for its role in the invasion.

Recognize Tsikhanouskaya

Belarus Freedom Forum asks the US government to recognize Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the leader of the democratic forces of Belarus and the evident winner of the contested August 2020 presidential election in Belarus, as the official representative of the people of Belarus.

Support Ukraine and sanction the aggressors

The Belarusian American organizations, representing the interests of the Belarusians in the United States, call on the Biden-Harris administration and the U.S. Congress to take additional immediate actions aimed at the Putin and Lukashenka regimes for the invasion of independent and sovereign Ukraine and the atrocities committed against the Ukrainian people.

Take action against Belarus involvement in Russia’s attack on Ukraine

The Belarus Freedom Forum, representing the interests of the Belarusian Americans in the U.S., calls on the Biden-Harris administration and the members of the U.S. Congress to take immediate actions aimed at the Lukashenka’s and Putin’s regimes that undermined the sovereignty and independence of Belarus, advanced the integration of Belarus in the so-called “Union State” and orchestrated aggression against Ukraine.
Joint military exercise in Belarus is a flimsy cover for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

Joint military exercise in Belarus is a flimsy cover for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

Russia deployed tens of thousands of troops in Belarus. Russian troops will remain in Belarus on a permanent or rotational basis under the pretext of completing the drills. Controversial constitutional amendments will remove the country’s neutrality status and allow the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus. There will be no polling stations outside of Belarus. The IMF’s $1 bln. did nothing to prevent accelerating the COVID crisis in Belarus. As political prisoners go on hunger strikes and Belarusians flee from persecution and economic collapse, the need for Temporary Protected Status for Belarusian refugees in the U.S. becomes more acute.
Underground Journalism and Russian Military Occupation in Belarus

Underground Journalism and Russian Military Occupation in Belarus

The Russian Federation is widening its military presence in Belarus: the two countries have already announced their joint military exercises in February. Belarusian journalists and human rights activists continue their work against Lukashenka’s regime despite the threats and possibilities of the arrest. The Baltic states saw their economic trade with Belarus increase in 2021, despite the harsh rhetoric towards Lukashenka’s regime.