Statement on Belarus ahead of US-Russia Summit

Dear Mr. President:

The Belarus Freedom Forum appreciates your earlier statements regarding the democratic movement in Belarus. We thank you for voicing your support for the Belarusian people and strongly condemning the Lukashenka regime. We are addressing you in connection to your upcoming summit with Russian President Putin.

In their struggle for freedom, the Belarusian people are standing up not only to the brutal authoritarian rule of Lukashenka but the only strong ally of the regime, the Russian Federation. The current Russian government does not respect human rights and has actively participated in preventing a democratic breakthrough in Belarus. Russia’s actions undermine global security and threaten the European allies of the United States. Compromise and unilateral concessions to Russia have proven ineffective.

We believe that the only way to make Russia refrain from supporting Lukashenka and the ongoing repressions in Belarus is to hold a consistent firm position backed by swift and decisive actions. The Belarus Democracy Act 2020 provides a legislative ground for implementing this strategy.

On behalf of the Belarusian American communities, the Belarus Freedom Forum calls on the Biden administration to:

  • Firmly stand for democracy and human rights in Belarus.
  • Recognize that Russia’s interference is a significant factor blocking democratic reforms in Belarus.
  • Demand Russia to unconditionally end any political, financial, and informational support for the Lukashenka regime.
  • Demand Russia to withdraw its recognition of the August 2020 presidential election in Belarus and stop all dealings with the illegitimate government of Lukashenka.
  • To ensure the Russian government complies with the above demands, employ political and economic instruments, in particular:
    • Impose sanctions on those Russian organizations and individuals who participated in or assisted the Lukashenka regime with the human rights abuse in Belarus.
    • Revoke the sanctions waiver on Nord Stream 2 AG.

The Belarusian American communities call on the Biden administration to expand sanctions against dictators of Belarus and Russia to end the ongoing crackdown on the democratic movement in Belarus.

We urge the Biden administration to take a leadership role in preventing the spread of authoritarianism and ensuring the safety and security of Eastern and Central Europe. The world needs the United States to stand by its values and protect fundamental human rights and freedoms.

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