Statement on One Year of Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine

Today is the 365th Day of Ukrainian heroism, resolve, courage, unity, hard work, and fierce fight against the aggressor. Today is the 365th Day of pain and suffering, hardship and losses. The suffering of the Ukrainian people must end. We cannot allow one more year of bloodshed and grief. The world must continue providing Ukraine with even more moral, financial, and vital military support.

The free democratic world must help Ukraine fully defeat the terrorist state of Russia, return all its rightful territories occupied by Russia since 2014, and restore the country to well-being and prosperity. The free world must neutralize Russia and stop it from exporting authoritarianism and creating regional instabilities worldwide. We must build a security system that will provide peace, security, and prosperity to Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and, certainly, Belarus, which is still under direct Russia’s control.

We must not have any illusions about the destructive and malign nature of the current Russian state, its leaders, and the illegitimate pro-Moscow puppet Lukashenka regime in Belarus. These regimes spread destruction, misery, suppression of human dignity, and disregard for human life. These regimes and their officials must be held accountable and prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.

The Belarusian American organizations urge individuals, organizations, and governments to continue providing comprehensive military and humanitarian help to Ukraine until its Russia-occupied territories are completely liberated and the threat of re-invasion is eradicated. We call on the US government to supply Ukraine with vital weapons, including tanks, air defense systems, long-range rocket artillery, and fighter jets.