Belarusian Diaspora Stands with Ukraine

On behalf of the Belarusian diaspora in the United States, Belarus Freedom Forum calls upon the Biden-Harris Administration to take immediate measures to secure the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine, setting conditions for Russia to end its aggression and divert its military away from the Ukrainian borders. 

The people of Ukraine have a right to a democratic and prosperous Ukraine that is free to determine its foreign policy. No people or states should be geopolitical hostages of Mr. Putin’s ambitions, obsessions, or desires. Unsubstantiated Russian claims of alleged NATO threat to Russian territories, the false historical assertions, and conspiracy theories are the elements of a hybrid war meant to distort public perspective and mislead the international community, shifting focus away from Russian imperialistic intentions. 

Russia’s expansionism will not cease on its own. Should Russia achieve its geopolitical goals in Ukraine, the security and prosperity of the U.S. partners in Europe will be at risk. Belarus Freedom Forum welcomes the hard stance that the Administration took on Russia’s demands and urges it to remain decisive in its ongoing meetings with Mr. Putin’s government in Geneva. Recent political events in Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan are clear examples of the Russian foreign policy agenda to export authoritarianism and create regional instabilities that upset the balance of power. The half measure will do little to stop that. 

Belarus Freedom Forum urges the Biden-Harris Administration to: 

  • Present a united front with its European allies and refuse to compromise on Ukraine’s security while offering pathways for deescalation
  • Make troop removal from the Ukrainian borders a non-negotiable prerequisite of any agreement
  • Continue providing military assistance and training to the Ukrainian military
  • Consider decisive economic sanctions targeting the personal assets of Mr. Putin and his inner circle
  • Prepare contingencies in case Russia uses third countries or other proxies in a military operation against Ukraine.

We hope that you take the lead in stopping Russian military aggression against Ukraine, thus ensuring the safety and security of Eastern and Central Europe. Now, more than ever, Europe needs the United States to stand by its values and protect fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Belarus Freedom Forum