Key Events: August 16-22

Collage series dedicated to the events 2020 in Minsk - Artist: Carolina Poliakowa Top Stories Aug 16: Belarusian activist who slit his own throat in court gets lengthy prison term Political prisoner Stsiapan Latypau was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison and a $4,000 fine on Monday, as the prosecution requested. Latypau pleaded not guilty to all charges. Earlier, he attempted suicide in the courtroom, alleging pressure to enter a guilty plea under threats of retaliation to his family.

Key Events: August 9-15

Project Cell #18 is a collection of stories from Akrestina prison where 36 women were kept in a 4-person cell for days without access to food, water or clean air Top Stories Aug 12: Belarus to get $1 billion from IMF, undermining U.S. push Belarus’s authoritarian regime is set to get almost a $1 billion lifeline from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on August 23. The IMF insists that its actions are guided by the international community, which “continues to deal with the current government in Belarus”.

Key Events: August 2-8

August 9 marks one year anniversary of peaceful protests movement in Belarus Top Stories Aug 2: Poland grants Belarus Olympic sprinter Tsimanouskaya a humanitarian visa Krystina Tsimanouskaya, who narrowly escaped a forced return to Belarus from the Tokyo Olympics, has been granted a humanitarian visa in Poland. The sprinter’s place on the Olympic team was abruptly revoked after she criticized the Belarusian athletics federation on her social media.

Key Events: July 26 - August 1

This past week: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya meets President Biden, Belarusian Olympic sprinter is being forcibly removed from the Olympics and sent home & much more Top Stories Aug 1: Belarusian Olympic sprinter says she is being pressured to leave Tokyo after criticizing her country’s Olympic officials Krystsina Tsimanouskaya who was due to compete in the women’s 200m event on Monday, had complained on social media about being asked to run a different race at a short notice.

Key Events: July 19-25

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya visits Washington DC to seek help from US, while Belarus’ regime brutal crackdown on civil society continues Top Stories Jul 19: Blinken meets Belarus opposition leader as criticism against Lukashenka mounts US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and promised “to continue efforts to stand with the Belarusian people and their aspirations for human rights, democracy, and their broader Euro-Atlantic aspirations.” The meeting happened in the context of yet another series of crackdowns on the democratic opposition by the Lukashenka regime.

Key Events: July 12-18

Vertical of Power - Artist: Lilia Kvatsabaya Top Stories Jul 14: Belarus targets rights activists, journalists with raids More than 40 raids took place across Belarus targeting the Human Rights center Viasna, the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the Belarusian Association of Journalists and others. Law enforcement raided groups that work on a wide range of human rights issues, including human rights education, social and economic rights, protection of media workers, freedom of expression online etc.

Key Events: July 5-11

Intense crackdown on remaining independent media, repressions against Lukashenka’s political rivals & Belarus isolation continues Top Stories Jul 9: Belarus scales up crackdown on independents media The country’s law enforcement agencies have raided offices of several media outlets and conducted more than 30 searches at the offices and journalists’ apartments in the past two days. The state declared the raids and following arrests a part of a broad operation against “radical-minded individuals”, who have consistently covered months of protests and repressions that followed.

Key Events: June 28 - July 4

Love cannot be compelled - Artist: Lilia Kvatsabaya Top Stories Jul 3: Lithuania declares state of emergency due to migration surge from Belarus After detaining 150 illegal migrants who crossed the border from Belarus in one day, Lithuania declared a state of emergency. Lithuania government officials stated that the decision was made to access reserve state financing and find new ways to deal with the illegal immigration influx.

Key Events: June 21-27

Human Rights violations tracker - International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) Top Stories Jun 21: EU, US, UK, Canada join forces to slap sanctions on Belarus The four have imposed travel bans and asset freezes on 78 Belarus officials and 8 entities. A total of 166 people and 15 entities are now under EU restrictive measures. EU foreign ministers agreed to sanction key sectors of the Belarusian economy and major revenue sources for the regime: potash fertilizer exports, the tobacco industry, petroleum, and petrochemical products.

Key Events: June 14-20

Artist: Lilia Kvatsabaya Top Stories Jun 14: Opposition says jailed Belarusian blogger paraded as ‘trophy’ in latest public appearance Several news agencies left the press conference after jailed Belarusian journalist Roman Pratasevich joined the four uniformed officials there. Even though Pratasivech denied any wrongdoing by the state authorities after the plane carrying him was forced to land in Minsk, most of the opposition figures called his admissions coerced.